MUSC Ranks at the Top for Clinical Trials Transparency

Sarah Snider
June 14, 2021
Top ranked for 100% compliance

The 2021 Transparency Report recently published by the Universities Allied for Essential Medicines highlights compliance with federal requirements pertaining to clinical trial results reporting at 40 US universities. As demonstrated in the publication, we are pleased to report that MUSC is ranked as one of the Top 7 universities with a 100% reporting compliance between 2019 and 2021.

In 2018, extensive efforts were made to improve our clinical trial results reporting obligations, followed by launch of a comprehensive program for registration, results reporting and record maintenance, all of which is housed within the Office of Clinical Research. This is how the institution has made and sustained such considerable improvement in our overall compliance rate.

This achievement would not be possible without the team within SCTR who led the charge to improve our compliance rate. It is also important to acknowledge the research community who responded to the numerous emails and queries sent by the Coordinator, achieving compliance with the federal regulations and understanding the overall importance of clinical trial transparency. The Office of Clinical Research looks forward to sustaining this level of compliance and the ongoing opportunities to provide resources to those who conduct research at MUSC.

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