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New Users

If you are a first-time user of the eIRB system, you must create an account to get started.  Please follow the self-registration steps below:

  • Go to https://eirb.scresearch.org
  • Select Medical University of South Carolina as your Institution (MUSC Users)
    •  Or MUSC External Affiliate (Affiliated External to MUSC)
  • Enter your NetID and Password on the following screen
  • Complete the registration page on the following screen
    • Important Note: Ensure that your First Name, Last Name and Primary email address are exact matches in both eIRB and CITI so that your CITI training will display within the eIRB study application.
  • Once submitted, the registration will be completed and you will be notified via email from the eIRB.
  • After receiving the confirmation email from the eIRB, log in again access the Education and Training Tab at the top of the page.  This section has many videos including how to submit an initial study.  There is also a great FAQ section that might address your questions as you get started.

Getting Started

Familiarize yourself with the eIRB system with these education and training resources:

Additional Resources

Video Tutorials  

Initial Studies

There are 3 levels of review for Initial Studies:

  1. Exempt – Less than minimal risk research
  2. Expedited – Minimal risk research
  3. Full Board – Greater than minimal risk research

How to create an Initial Study:  Creating and Submitting New Studies in eIRB video


Amendments are submitted to the IRB to make changes to an already-approved study.  Amendments must be approved by the IRB prior to the changes being implemented, except when necessary to eliminate apparent immediate hazards to the human subjects. 

How to submit an Amendment:  Creating and Submitting Amendments in eIRB video

Continuing Reviews/Annual Status Updates

Continuing Reviews and Annual Status Updates are submitted to the IRB to renew a study protocol at intervals appropriate to the degree of risk, but not less than once per year.  Continuing Reviews and Annual Status Updates are due to the IRB no later than one month prior to study expiration.

How to submit a Continuing Review/Annual Status Update:  Creating and Submitting Continuing Review Applications in eIRB video

Reportable Events

Reportable Events are submitted to the IRB if any protocol deviations, unanticipated problems, adverse events, audits, or DSMB reports occur during the study. 

How to submit a Reportable Event:  Creating and Submitting Reportable Events in eIRB video

eIRB Frequently Asked Questions

See eIRB Frequently Asked Questions for the most common questions that arise when creating IRB submissions.