Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs

Military mental health

Program Overview


The CDMRP fills research gaps by funding high-impact, high-risk and high-gain projects that other agencies may not venture to fund. While individual programs are unique in their focus, all programs managed by the CDMRP share the common goal of advancing paradigm-shifting research, solutions that will lead to cures or improvements in patient care or breakthrough technologies and resources for clinical benefit. The Hallmarks of the CDMRP are to invest in groundbreaking research, target critical gaps, reviews applications using a two-tier formal review with no standing peer review panels and no "pay line", involve consumer advocates throughout the program cycle, support both the next generation of researchers and established scientists, funds the full pipeline of research development, including basic, translational, and clinical research, and foster (or employ) collaboration and synergy.


Strategies for Success


  • Read the Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for mechanism intent, research focus areas, submission information, administrative and regulatory requirements, and review criteria
  • Explain the relevance of the proposed project and how it addresses program-specific goals
  • Address impact by proposing solutions to important problems and clearly articulating translatability
  • Propose innovative projects that fill the gap(s) and use novel approaches to accelerate progress
  • Address project feasibility by including evidence of appropriate expertise, appropriately powered studies, and availability of and access to critical resources and/or subject populations
  • Adhere to the deadlines listed on the front cover of the funding opportunity
  • Explain the proposed work with clarity and understand the different audiences of the peer and programmatic review
  • This webinar provides detailed information on CDMRP Funding Opportunities and Strategies for Success 


How to Apply

  • Explore the open Funding Opportunities

  • Review the FOA for specific requirements and details on the pre-application submission through the electronic Biomedical Research Application Portal (eBRAP)

  • Complete the required pre-application submission through eBRAP at least 48 hours ahead of the deadline. The deadline for pre-application submission is set at 5:00 p.m. ET.

  • General Tips for Submission


Investigator Resources

  • MUSC’s ORD hosted a DOD Workshop, learn more about the principles and best practices on how to approach the CDMRP programs
  • Review the ORD Proposal Library for a sample DOD proposal
  • Explore the ORD Scientific Environment information on the web that provides brief descriptions of major elements and initiatives to serve as a guide for faculty as they develop the resources and facilities portion of their proposal