Office of Clinical Research

The purpose of the Office of Clinical Research (OCR) is to manage the Prospective Reimbursement Analysis (PRA) process, which includes:

  • Budgeting and feasibility assessment support for industry sponsored clinical trials;
  • Verification through coverage analysis of the funding sources for services associated with clinical research, i.e. third party payer versus research sponsor;
  • Coverage analysis for all studies with services to be paid by third party payers, such as the patient’s insurance, to ensure allowability and billing compliance;
  • Identification of and pricing support for MUSC Health services in collaboration with service providers;
  • Building research records and study billing calendars in SPARCRequest to be pushed to Epic for all studies with MUSC Health billable services regardless of funding source; and
  • Research billing support and monitoring to ensure that all MUSC Health charges associated with research are billed to the appropriate funding source and with the required codes and modifiers

For MUSC Researchers and staff, please visit our internal site for additional resources.