Tools & Links

  • SPARCRequest
    A web-based research management system providing a central portal to researchers to browse services and submit service and pricing requests.
  • REDCap
    A free, secure web application for building and managing online surveys and databases. 
  • MUSC Approval Plan for Research (MAP-R)
    Find the regulatory and institutional approvals needed before you begin your study.
  • MUSC’s Quality Improvement (QI) Self-Certification Tool
    This tool can help investigators determine whether their project qualifies as research, quality improvement, or program evaluation.
  • Data Access
    Navigate the process of accessing clinical data to evaluate your study's feasibility.
  • Implementation Science Telehealth Toolkit
    Interdisciplinary clinical and research teams engaged in the implementation of telehealth innovations can find guidance to design and conduct dissemination and implementation evaluations.
    A recruitment tool connecting willing volunteers with researchers who are searching for study participants. 
    South Carolina Research Studies directory designed specifically to help people locate research studies.
  • Palmetto Profiles
    Palmetto Profiles allows for new ways to network and collaborate between researchers, between mentors and mentees, between the research community and industry partners, and much more.
  • External Affiliate NetIDs
    Username and password for non-MUSC research staff (i.e., community partners, off-campus staff) who, for study purposes, need access to only the eIRB, CITI Training, REDCap, SPARCRequest, and/or RMID systems.
    The Regulatory Guidance for Academic Research of Drugs and Devices (ReGARDD) website provides academic researchers with the regulatory tools and resources necessary to successfully navigate the pathway from discovery to clinical implementation of new drugs, biologics and medical devices.
  • RMID
    Provides unique numeric identifier that links a research study across multiple MUSC electronic research systems. The purpose of the RMID is to allow for accurate identification of research studies, improve tracking and reporting of institutional research metrics, and increase data accuracy across the system.
  • University Boilers
    Find Institutional information about the Medical University of South Carolina to guide the development of the resources and facilities portion of your proposal, as well as MUSC Fact Sheets.