Pilot Grants Program

SCTR supports a number of different mechanisms that represent the translational spectrum - from basic science to population health - including patient-centered and community-engaged research. Early Career Investigators are strongly encouraged to apply for pilot grant on their pathway to research independence.

Discovery and High-Innovation High Reward grants are part of the PTC portfolio. Other pilot grants are offered in collaboration with the Team Science and Community Engagement Programs and the South Carolina Telehealth Alliance. Some opportunities have rolling submission deadlines and others have specific requests for applications (RFAs) issued throughout the year.

COVID-19 Pilot Project Grants

Request for Applications (RFA)

The Offices of the President, Provost, and Vice-President for Research at MUSC have established a research fund to accelerate understanding COVID-19, mechanisms of its effects, improved diagnostic tests, and discovery of effective treatments and interventions for the disease and its sequelae. A primary objective of the COVID-19 pilot grants program is to support MUSC investigators in their efforts to develop innovative, scientifically meritorious basic, clinical or translational research projects that will yield preliminary data for subsequent submission of extramural grant applications and publications. Applicants must have a primary faculty appointment at MUSC (at the level of Assistant Professor or above) and can serve as the PI and/or Co-PI on only one application.

(Budget up to $50,000; 12 months)

Key Dates

Application Release Date: Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Application Due: Friday, June 5, 2020, by 5:00 p.m. EST

Scientific Review: June 24, 2020

Earliest Anticipated Project Start Date: July 1, 2020




Discovery Grants

SCTR’s Discovery Grants facilitate new and innovative, high-impact translational research. The primary objectives are to support new and innovative, scientifically meritorious projects to collect critical preliminary data for submission of extramural grant applications and to publish research findings. We place a premium on interdisciplinary team science and new collaborations. The grant application requires new and interdisciplinary team collaboration with at least one Co-Investigator/Collaborator from a different discipline. RFA is typically released during the Fall and Spring of each year.

(Budget $25,000; 12 months) 

Telehealth Pilots

Telehealth pilot grants support South Carolina clinicians and researchers in their efforts to develop innovative, scientifically meritorious telehealth projects with an overarching objective of collecting preliminary data for subsequent submission of extramural grant applications as well as publication and dissemination of their research findings. We place a premium on interdisciplinary and/or interprofessional (ID/IP) team science, and cross-institutional and/or organizational collaborations. Applicants are strongly encouraged to take an ID/IP team approach and include investigators from more than one South Carolina institution/organization.

(Budget $25,000; 12 months)

Cristin Adams, DO, Assistant Professor
MUSC College of Medicine, Family Medicine

Project Title: Iterative intervention development and feasibility testing of a smoking cessation e-visit for individuals experiencing homelessness


Lauren Demosthenes, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
Prisma Health-Upstate
USC School of Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Project Title: A comparison of standard office based postpartum BP monitoring to a text based remote self BP monitoring program in the management of maternity patients with a hypertensive disorder of pregnancy


Claire Macgeorge, MD, MSCR, Assistant Professor
MUSC College of Medicine, Pediatrics

Project Title: Improving Pediatric ADHD Management with Virtual Check-ins: A Study of Utilization and Acceptability


Nandita Nadig, MD, MSCR, Assistant Professor
MUSC College of Medicine, Pulmonary and Critical Care

Project Title:  Stressors of Inter-ICR Transfer: Family Centered Care through Telehealth

High Innovation-High Reward Pilots

This funding mechanism supports new and interdisciplinary pilot projects that propose substantial development of intellectual property and/or commercialization opportunities. Applications are received on a "rolling" basis and will be reviewed within 3-4 weeks of submission. When an application is submitted please notify Dayan Ranwala, Ph.D. by email.

(Budget $10,000; 12 months)



Current High Innovation-High Reward Projects

Robert Adams, M.D.

Project Title: Optimizing Zeriscope for PTSD Clinical Studies (OPUS)


David Turner, Ph.D.
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Project Title: Characterization of race specific primary prostate cancer cell lines for commercialization 



Other Funding