Research NEXUS Services

The SCTR Research Nexus provides fee-based services for a myriad of clinical research needs, including nursing and nutrition, laboratory, research coordination and management, and a research facility providing space and support. These include but aren’t limited to investigator-initiated, federally funded, foundation-funded, industry-initiated/industry-sponsored, and pilot studies. The overarching goal is to facilitate patient-oriented research in a cost-effective manner and help strengthen the discipline of clinical and translational science.

SCTR Nexus Lab


Nexus Research Center - Provides space and support for a myriad of studies.

Clinical Nursing & Nutrition- Offers trained nursing and nutrition staff are available, including resources for the study of various diets and specific nutrients

Research Coordination & Management - Provides a wide range of research coordination & management services for research studies.

Laboratory - Includes nine benches of working space, a biological safety cabinet, two -20°C freezers, seven -80°C freezers, and other vital equipment.

Visit SPARCRequest , to browse SCTR’s comprehensive online catalog of both Free and Fee-based research services, request services and/or quickly obtain pricing as applicable.

Research Nexus Infographic (PDF)


SCTR Research Nexus

96 Jonathan Lucas Street

Suite: 214

MSC Code: 195

Charleston, SC 29425