Research Laboratory

The SCTR Research Nexus Laboratory serves as technical support for SCTR-approved clinical research investigators. The lab is open Monday through Friday, 7:30am – 8:00pm, and staff are well trained to investigators. The laboratory and its expert staff promote research and development of new methods to support clinical research. Services include investigator consultation, sample processing, banking and shipping, immunoassays, nucleic acid extraction, and custom service development, as requested by investigators.

Facilities & Equipment

The lab is a newly renovated, secure, limited-access site accessible only to authorized personnel. It includes eight work benches, six -80°C freezers, six refrigerated centrifuges, two biological safety cabinets, one liquid nitrogen freezer and one fume hood. An automated, continuous temperature monitoring system is in use for all critical temperature-controlled equipment in the lab.

The lab’s suite of equipment supports a range of molecular & cell biology research techniques:

  • Biotek Powerwave microplate reader with Gen5 software
  • Tecan Infinite 200 PRO multimode microplate reader with Magellan software
  • Orflo Moxi GO II, for methods requiring cell count and viability
  • QIAGEN Autopure LS, for automated large-volume DNA extraction
  • QIAGEN QIAcube and a Promega Maxwell 16, for nucleic acid and protein purification
  • QIAGEN QIAxpert and a Nanodrop for spectrophotometry



Amy Gandy 

Amy Gandy, MS
Research Laboratory Manager

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