Human & Animal Research Training (CITI Miami)

Getting Started

All users, whether first-time or previously registered, will access CITI Miami by using their current MUSC-issued NetID and password. Select the appropriate link below. You will be asked to enter a NetID and password. Once these credentials have been entered, you will be directed to the CITI Miami home page.

For non-MUSC users wishing to take the training, the procedure requires the non-MUSC individual to be sponsored by a MUSC employee. The sponsor will contact the appropriate registration authority (PDF) who will complete the OCIO non-MUSC application for a NetID to provision and deliver the NetID.

Log In to CITI Miami

For More Information

MUSC and CITI Miami have worked diligently to match current users with their NetIDs allowing instant access to their old records. Every effort was made to match current CITI users with their NetIDs. If you experience any issues or have any questions, please contact the following:

Michael Thomas
Education Officer
49 Bee Street
Charleston, SC 29425