MUSC Research Freezer Repair

MUSC Office of Procurement has identified three “preferred vendors” to:

  1. Provide general freezer and refrigerator repair services for research; AND/OR
  2. Maintain a database and preventive maintenance schedule for MUSC researchers who “opt-in” for 6-month or annual preventive maintenance (PM) certification of their freezers.  


Bear Mechanical Services
4717 Holbird Drive, North Charleston, SC 29405
Ph 843-747-8100

MERCO BioMedical
2668 Hwy 90, Conway, SC 29526
Ph 1-800-871-2547

Hutto Refrigeration Sales & Service
3103 Meeting Street
North Charleston, SC 29405
Ph 1-843-747-7331

Repair Service Parameters:

Work – Written estimates must be provided in advance of all repairs (including: problem/scope of work; labor hour estimate; and parts cost estimate).   Less than 24-hour phone response to MUSC customers who request repairs (excluding Saturdays, Sunday and holidays) and less than 48 hour response time for on-site response.

Quality Assurance –  90-day work guarantee on all service.   

Hourly Rate – Total repair costs based on hourly rate (>$100.00/hr) x number of hours indicated, plus parts.  Travel time/mileage should not be included as a separate line item cost. 

Parts – Wholesale price for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts (plus mark-up less than 25%).   Itemized part costs must be provided on invoice.  Receipts required for parts > $250.

Repair Response Time - Repairs should be completed within 5 business days (unless shipped parts required).  Repair estimate timelines established within 2 business days of on-site visit to MUSC.  

On-site Safety, and Clean-Up – Vendor will perform all work in a safe and professional manner following industry standard procedures, clean-up area each day, and notify MUSC customers of each repair outcome.  

Preventive Maintenance (PM) Service Parameters (OPT-IN Service Required):

The vendor will maintain a database of freezer/refrigerators, including make, model, serial #, location, MUSC unit #, MUSC customers POCs, annual PM certification dates/months, and recordkeeping of work performed.

Preventive Maintenance – Hourly rates (less than $100/hr) will be used to establish the cost of each PM visit and per a list of items specified by the vendor and agreed to by the researcher—see below. Certification dates should be attached to the unit by the vendor and PM paperwork provided to the customer.

Example PM Checklist:

  • Check door closure and seal.
  • Check and clean probe cover, gaskets, hinges, and vacuum relief port of ice.
  • Check air filter/clean and/or replace as needed.
  • Check alarm back-up battery.
  • Check condenser fan motor for noise or vibration.
  • Check and clean coils and condenser.Clear any items blocking airflow behind unit.
  • Check for excess ice build-up within unit. Notify owner before addressing.
  • Check Set point; Indicating temperature; Actual Temperature; High Alarm Set-point; Low Alarm Set-point; Chart Recorder Temperature
  • Check Line Voltage under load; Amperage under load; Chart Recorder Back-up Battery Voltage
  • Check Electrical Relays/wiringCheck Alarm Operation (audible/visual);
  • Check Defrost System
  • Check Evaporator fans and motors
  • Back-Up System Operation; Chart Recorder Operations

Scheduling and Communication

The vendor will provide a certification schedule to MUSC customers and provide reminders to the researcher ~ two months prior to scheduled visits.