Research Training

Training compliance is an essential part of conducting high quality, ethical, clinical research. SCTR has developed this training resource to help MUSC study teams locate required and recommended trainings and other informational resources for clinical and translational research.

Training required before engaging in human subjects research

Are you

  • the direct recipient of federal funds- even if all research activities occur elsewhere?

  • obtaining informed consent-even if research procedures are not done at MUSC?

  • administering study interventions?

  • interacting with study subjects for research purposes?

  • obtaining identifiable data, specimens, or images for research purposes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you are engaged in human subject research and will need to complete a series of trainings before engaging in any research.

Human Subjects Research Training


Training Required for Certain Activities

Does your study require the shipment of biospecimens or other materials using dry ice?

By law anyone who packs, ships, transports, or receives dangerous goods must be trained. Two training options are available in the MyQuest Office of Risk Management Catalog.  

Shipping Infectious Agents and Dry Ice (Login Required)

Shipping Non-Infectious Specimens and Dry Ice (Login Required)

What trainings are required for study team members to access the electronic health record (Epic) for research?

Research study user trainings are located in the MyQuest Epic Systems/Epic Research catalog. Several additional resources are also available to study teams in the Epic Research catalog. 

Epic-Research Fundamentals Training Program (Login Required)

Epic Research Orders Training for Non-licensed Study Staff Program (Login Required)

Epic Research View Only Training (Login Required)

Epic Research Slicer Dicer for Research (Login Required)

Will your study require registration with MUSC's Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC)?

Refer to IBC's education and training page for training requirements and additional educational resources.

CITI Training: Biosafety/Biosecurity Modules

Will your study involve the use of human stem cells?

Refer to the Stem Cell Research Oversight (SCRO) education and training page for training requirements. 

CITI Training: Human Stem Cell Research

Are you new to research administration? 

For those new to research, new to MUSC, or who want to stay abreast of the latest developments, this session provides an overview of the basics of research administration and the internal procedures required for proposal processing within the University.

ORSP- Grants Administration 101

Do you want to utilize ClinCard to pay study participants?

Completion of a 5-module MyQuest course that includes an assessment is required to utilize ClinCard for research participant remuneration. Individual modules can be completed for those needing a refresher on a particular aspect of ClinCard.

ClinCard Trainings (Login Required)