SCTR & MUSC FRD Technology Development Grants

Technology Development Awards

In partnership with the MUSC Foundation for Research Development (FRD), the TTC offers Technology Development Awards, which provide funding of up to $25,000 to advance innovative and clinically relevant technologies. The awards support short-term (six month) studies designed to improve the commercial value of the technologies by strengthening the intellectual property (IP) and moving technologies further down the development pathway, thus increasing the partnerships and licensing opportunities with pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies.

The primary objective of the gap funding awards is to support projects that have a high chance of being commercialized, but that are not likely to get there without gap funding. Funds are intended to advance projects to the next developmental milestone by enabling investigators to conduct additional experiments, such as those that optimize compounds, conduct toxicology studies, define a translational biomarker, prototype a device, or build/validate a software program.

Funding Opportunities

This RFA is open to advance technologies protected by, or protectable by, IP that is assigned or assignable to MUSC pursuant the MUSC IP Policy. If a patent or patent application is not currently assigned to FRD, a Record of Invention must be on file with FRD at least one month in advance of the Pre-Application open date.

Projects are expected to be completed in the allotted six-month timeframe.


Leadership & Contact

Jesse Goodwin 

Jesse Goodwin, Ph.D.

Director, SCTR Technology Development Officer

Chelsea Ex-Lubeskie 

Chelsea Ex-Lubeskie, MS

Associate Director, Licensing Manager, MUSC Foundation for Research Development


Michael Watson

Michael Watson, MA
Special Projects Coordinator