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Dupilumab Approval

Pediatric dermatologist Dr. Lara Wine Lee (left) and pediatric allergist Dr. Kelli Williams (right)

A new treatment, dupilumab, is now available to kids with eczema and eosinophilic esophagitis, thanks in part to pediatric clinical trials at MUSC.

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Marijuana Microbiome

3D illustration of human tooth with microscopic bacteria and viruses. Licensed from

MUSC researchers and their collaborators will explore how cannabis smoking alters the bacterial communities in the mouth and how those changes affect the brain.

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Robot Olympics

Blow-up robots used during the robot Olympics

Playing “serious” games can be an effective and engaging way to teach teamwork and other skills to robotic surgery teams.

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Recurring Events

Lunch & Learns

SCTR's monthly Lunch & Learns address topical research issues over the lunch hour for research faculty and staff.

SCTR Scientific Retreat

Scientific Retreat topics address health conditions of importance to SC, and are attended by investigators and community members from across the state.

Translational Research Day

SCTR's Translational Research Day provides a forum for trainees, scholars, and investigators to display translational-based research to the MUSC community via judged poster presentations.

Mentorship Symposium

The yearly symposium provides a forum for trainees and scholars to present their research and participate in career development activities.