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Dr. Paula Traktman (left) and graduate student Conor Templeton in the laboratory.

A Virus’s Achilles’ Heel?

The vaccinia virus uses the same tool to copy and repair DNA and blocking that tool dramatically reduces the virus’s ability to multiply, MUSC study finds.

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Dr. Michelle Nichols (left) and Dr. Gayenell Magwood (right) of the College of Nursing at MUSC

Restoring Trust

Stroke research improves when survivors and caregivers feel comfortable telling their stories and researchers learn to listen.

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A young girl stands before a microphone and reads from a paper

EDS Research

Researchers, doctors, patients and donors gathered to celebrate the progress in researching Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

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Three test tubes are pictured, the first with plasma, the second with plasma and chemotherapy, and the third with the filtered plasma. Modified from Figure 4d of the Motamarry et al article in Cancers under an open access Creative Common CC BY license.

Blood Cleanse

With the help of High Innovation-High Reward seed funding, MUSC researchers have developed a way to remove toxic chemotherapeutic drugs from the blood after cancer treatment to prevent them from reaching the heart.

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A schematic representation showing some of the main players in Alzheimer's disease.

New Alzheimer's Target

In Alzheimer’s disease, fewer cells line the brain's smallest vessels, making them leaky. Blocking a protein stopped the leakage and improved memory in mice.

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Continuous renal replacement therapy RN educator Erin Glikes sets up the SB-101 device containing mesenchymal stem cells in series with the Baxter PrisMax dialyzer, while medical ICU nurse Jessie Ramirez looks on.

The Storm Before the Calm

New device being tested at MUSC is designed to calm the cytokine storm in patients with COVID-19 and kidney failure.

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College-aged young woman looking at her cell phone.

Contact Tracing App

Researchers publish a roadmap for rolling out a COVID-19 exposure notification mobile app at a large public university in South Carolina.

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Children running through MUSC's Urban Farm

Tackling Childhood Obesity

The Boeing Center for Children’s Wellness school-based wellness intervention offers schools a menu of wellness initiatives they can tailor to their own needs.

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Recurring Events

Lunch & Learns

SCTR's monthly Lunch & Learns address topical research issues over the lunch hour for research faculty and staff.

SCTR Scientific Retreat

Scientific Retreat topics address health conditions of importance to SC, and are attended by investigators and community members from across the state.

Translational Research Day

SCTR's Translational Research Day provides a forum for trainees, scholars, and investigators to display translational-based research to the MUSC community via judged poster presentations.

Mentorship Symposium

The yearly symposium provides a forum for trainees and scholars to present their research and participate in career development activities.