Institutional Administrative Actions

The Medical University of South Carolina will take appropriate administrative actions against individuals for whom the DO has supported a finding of misconduct made by the investigation committee. These actions may be taken following recommendations of this committee and in consultation with the RIO. Possible actions may include:

  • Withdrawal or correction of all pending or published abstracts and papers emanating from the research in which the research misconduct was found
  • Removal of the individual(s) responsible for the misconduct from a particular project, letter, or reprimand, special monitoring of future work, probation, suspension, salary reduction, or initiation of steps leading to possible rank reduction, or termination of employment, or release from an academic program
  • Restitution of funds to the grantor agency as appropriate
  • Other actions appropriate to the research misconduct

These actions are separate from any actions that may be taken by or sanctions imposed as HHS administrative actions. These latter actions along with the findings of research misconduct will be described in the written charge letter sent to the respondent in misconduct cases involving PHS support. It may be issued jointly by the ORI and the debarring official. [42 CFR § 93.202]