Clinical Nursing & Nutrition

SCTR Nexus patient


Point-of-Care Clinical Nursing: Inpatient

Studies can be conducted onsite or specially trained personnel are dispatched to the bedside of acutely ill patients throughout the MUSC campus. Chemotherapy & Biotherapy certified research nurses and support staff:

  • Conduct protocols
  • Secure specimens
  • Administer medications
  • Gather critical data


To study the effect of nutrition or control nutrition in research, many MUSC investigators use SCTR Research Nexus services and resources to study various diets and specific nutrients. Our staff offers expertise in a unique, controlled environment.

Pulmonary Function Testing

SCTR Nexus testing 

Registered Respiratory Therapists (RRT) perform cooperation-dependent pulmonary function tests. Clinic equipment includes Carefusion Vmax 22/62 Pulmonary Function Testing Station with plethysmograph. Staff have the ability to train on study-specific equipment.


Lesley Platt

Lesley Platt, BSN, RN

Nurse Manager II, SCTR Research Nexus

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