Guidance for Institutional Support for Externally-funded Research Centers

MUSC - Research Center Institutional Support
University Research Council Guidelines

Federally-funded research centers are of great value to the University for a number of reasons:

  1. They are generally a part of highly prestigious networks, increasing the name recognition of MUSC and its research capabilities.
  2. They connect MUSC researchers with a network of other Centers and collaborators nationwide.
  3. They bring together researchers from across disciplines, consistent with the importance of interdisciplinary efforts to discovery and MUSC’s values.They provide funding for core resources, often used to fund innovative, pilot work that leads to more funding.
  4. They provide support and mentorship for junior faculty as well as an experience of “team science” in action.

With a Center application, there is generally an expectation of some level of institutional support.  These institutional funds make a center application more competitive and can be used on a discretionary basis within standard university accounting policies and guidelines to support important activities that advance the objectives of the center.  MUSC’s institutional support for NIH centers is variable (sometimes non-existent). 

The URC recommends a minimum level of institutional support of $50-75K per year from Provost’s funds for all centers federally-funded through grants (e.g., NIH P20, P30, P50, P60) or cooperative agreements (e.g., NIH U54). Center applicants can (and will) also seek additional support from Deans and departments. 

Funding is contingent upon review by the Office of the Provost and availability of financial resources.

For more information contact: Christopher Davies, Ph.D