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Staff Listed by Administrative Duties

Areas of Responsibility for Grant and Contract Administrators

Name Title Phone Email
Azbill, David  Assistant Director 843-792-3828
Baxley, Anita Grants Coordinator II 843-792-7193
Boehm, Amy  Grants Administrator II  843-792-7248 
Cole, Kimberly  Grants Administrator I 843-792-2625 
Dalrymple, Kim  Grants Coordinator II  843-792-7196 
Ferguson, Heather  Program Manager II 843-792-2040
Lecker, Caitlin Grants Administrator II 843-792-2374
Lee, M. Robbie Program Manager 843-792-7198
McCants, Darren  Director  843-792-3832
McGill, Caroline  Grants Administrator I  843-792-3895 
Murphy, John  Grants Administrator II 843-792-8702
Parker, Laura Corporate Program Manager 843-792-1055
Portaro, Susanna  Grants Administrator II  843-792-9686 
Simmons, Ford Grants Administrator II 843-792-8266
Smirnova, Tatiana Systems Programmer/Developer III 843-792-6287
Ussery, Jillian Grants Administrator II 843-792-7191 
Wilson, Jennifer  Grants Coordinator II 843-792-3991
York, Donna  Grants Administrator II  843-876-0730
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Staff Listing by Administrative Duties

Proposal Preparation, Budgeting, Submissions, Award Negotiation and Acceptance

Federal and Other Non-Corporate Projects

Amy Boehm
Heather Ferguson
Caitlin Lecker
John Murphy
Susanna Portaro
Ford Simmons
Donna York
                                                                                                                                               Corporate-Sponsored Projects

Kimberly Cole
Laura Parker
Jillian Ussery
Jennifer Wilson

Subawards (outgoing), SC Spinal Injury Research Fund, Award Closeout

Heather Ferguson                                                                                                                            Caroline McGill                                                                                                                               
John Murphy

VA-Related Agreements

Ford Simmons

NIH LRP Program 

Caroline McGill

Systems, Training, Reporting

Kim Dalrymple
Robbie Lee

Tatiana Smirnova

Management, Policy

David Azbill
Darren McCants

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Areas of Responsibility for Grant and Contract Administrator

ORSP has two divisions, one for corporate-funded projects and one for Federal and other non-corporate projects. Each college/department/unit has been assigned an ORSP Grants Administrator within the division to assist with grant and contract administration issues. All of the ORSP Grants Administrators are knowledgeable and can help with both pre-award and post-award questions.

 Department Corporate Contact Federal, Foundation & Other Contact
    Summary Table, Non-Corporate (PDF) 
Administration - Academic Affairs, Public Safety, Research Development
Caitlin Lecker
Administration - Library
Amy Boehm
Administration - Office of Diversity
Caitlin Lecker
Administration - Physical Plant
Amy Boehm
Administration - Risk Management    Amy Boehm 
Administration - Spinal Cord (SCIRF)    John Murphy 
Administration - Strategic Initiatives     Amy Boehm 
Administration - VP for Research    Heather Ferguson 
AHEC    Caitlin Lecker 
Anesthesia & Perioperative Medicine Jillian Ussery Caitlin Lecker
Biochemistry Laura Parker
Susanna Portaro
Heather Ferguson
Biomedical Informatics Center (BMIC)    John Murphy 
Cell & Molecular Pharmacology Kimberly Cole Susanna Portaro
College of Dental Medicine Laura Parker Amy Boehm
College of Graduate Studies
Heather Ferguson
College of Health Professions Jillian Ussery  Ford Simmons
College of Medicine - Dean's Office
Amy Boehm
College of Nursing
Caitlin Lecker
College of Pharmacy Laura Parker Susanna Portaro
Comparative Medicine / DLAR Jillian Ussery  Caitlin Lecker
Dermatology Jillian Ussery  Donna York
Digestive Disease Center Jillian Ussery  Heather Ferguson
Drug Discovery  Jillian Ussery  Susanna Portaro 
Emergency Medicine Laura Parker
John Murphy
Family Medicine Jillian Ussery  Amy Boehm
Hollings Cancer Center Laura Parker/              Kimberly Cole
Ford Simmons
Medicine - Cardiology Jillian Ussery Susanna Portaro
Medicine - Endocrinology  Jillian Ussery  Heather Ferguson 
Medicine - Gastroenterology Jillian Ussery  Heather Ferguson
Medicine - General Internal Medicine Jillian Ussery  Susanna Portaro
Medicine - Hematology/Oncology Jillian Ussery  Susanna Portaro
Medicine - Infectious Diseases Jillian Ussery  Heather Ferguson
Medicine - Nephrology Jillian Ussery  Susanna Portaro
Medicine - Pulmonary / Critical Care Laura Parker Heather Ferguson
Medicine - Rheumatology Laura Parker
Heather Ferguson
Microbiology & Immunology Laura Parker
Donna York
Neurology Jillian Ussery Susanna Portaro
Neurosciences Laura Parker Caitlin Lecker
Neurosurgery Laura Parker Caitlin Lecker
Ob/Gyn Jillian Ussery Susanna Portaro
Ophthalmology Laura Parker
Donna York
Orthopaedics Jillian Ussery  Donna York
Otolaryngology (ENT) Jillian Ussery  Amy Boehm
Pathology & Lab Medicine Jillian Ussery  Donna York
Pediatrics Kimberly Cole Ford Simmons
Psychiatry Laura Parker Amy Boehm
Public Health Sciences Jillian Ussery  John Murphy
Radiation Oncology Laura Parker
Donna York
Radiology Laura Parker
Donna York
Regenerative Medicine & Cell Biology Laura Parker
Caitlin Lecker
Heather Ferguson
Surgery Jillian Ussery  Donna York
Urology Laura Parker
Donna York

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