Pilot Translational & Clinical Studies

SCTR’s Pilot Translational & Clinical Studies (PTC) program facilitates and supports new and innovative, multidisciplinary, high-impact clinical and translational science and research that addresses medical and behavioral topics critical to improving health outcomes and quality of life in South Carolina. The PTC program has several mechanisms that support ongoing research innovation and foster the development of new research collaborations including: pilot grant opportunities, research vouchers, statewide scientific retreats, and scientific grant reviews.

Pilot Grants Program

Pilot Grants

Supports the translational science spectrum - from basic science to population health - including patient-centered and community-engaged research.

Pilot Grants Program

Retreats & Special Events

Professor and student

SCTR facilitates collaboration across traditional disciplinary and institutional lines by sponsoring statewide, thematic-based retreats for basic, clinical and population scientists, and community practitioners.

Retreats & Special Events

Scientific Grant Reviews

Grant review

SCTR offers assistance to MUSC investigators who are submitting extramural grant applications with the goal to increase the quality of the application and funding success.

Scientific Grant Review


Kit Simpson 

Kit Simpson, DrPH

Associate Program Director

Hongjun Wang 

Hongjun Wang, Ph.D.

Associate Program Director


Sydney Bollinger


Questions or requests for additional information can be sent to SCTR's Science Development Office - sctr-sdo@musc.edu.