Research Resources

Free Consultative Services

The SCTR SUCCESS Center serves as a “front door” for access to all SCTR research resources, including several in-house, free consultative services provided by highly experienced subject matter experts. The SUCCESS Center also provides linkages to all SCTR programs and their respective consultative services, helpful information, and general navigation assistance, regardless of a study’s funding source.

Fee-Based Services

SCTR provides investigators access to resources that facilitate the performance of clinical and translational research by directly providing research services. Costs may be hourly charges or per-patient fees based on the needs of the researcher and type of service provided. Both the SCTR Research Nexus, which provides space as well as a myriad of patient-oriented services, and the Biomedical Informatics Center provide comprehensive fee-based services in a cost-effective manner with the goal of strengthening the discipline of clinical and translational science.

Visit SPARCRequest to browse SCTR’s comprehensive online catalog of both free and fee-based research services, request services, and/or quickly obtain pricing as applicable. Please contact the SUCCESS Center for questions or assistance (

Tools and Links

Access a list of commonly used Research Tools and websites developed or supported by SCTR.