Inventory of Stored Agents

Registration Instructions

Actively Used, Unregistered Microorganisms &/or Biological Toxins

Please follow these submission instructions for registering agents with the IBC. There are detailed instructions for the IBC electronic registration system eProtocol ( Your IBC application will be reviewed at the next monthly IBC meeting (submission deadlines). Work with the unregistered agents HAS TO CEASE while the application is pending.

Stored-Only, Unregistered Microorganisms &/or Biological Toxins 

All investigators (with or without previously approved IBC protocols) should file a new application for registering agents not actively used in research but held in storage. This application will serve to keep inventory of stored-only agents, which will be reviewed administratively only. This 'storage' registration will need to be updated if agents become actively used or if agents are disposed of.


  • When registering stored-only viral vectors, there is no need to list the individual genes cloned into each vector. 
  • Unless encoding a toxin, stored plasmids, cDNA, oligos etc. do not need to be registered with the IBC.

However, once you plan to actively use these, you will have to submit an (or amend your existing) IBC registration to obtain approval prior to starting experiments in accordance with the NIH Guidelines.

Instructions for registering agents held in storage only:

  • Prepare an Excel file (optional template (XLS) and upload it to the Attachment section of the eProtocol indicating:
    • PI Name
    • Storage location(s): Building and room number.
    • A list of names for each microorganism being registered (including strain if applicable)
    • A list of names for each biological toxin that you are registering.
      • Notes:
        • For each agent on the Select Agent list, please also provide the quantity held in storage. Keep in mind that certain toxins have to be at or below a Permissible Toxin amount to avoid Select Agent registration with the USDA/CDC.
        • There is no need to register endotoxin/LPS
          Note: Please store the file with the .xls extension (not .xlsx)