Working With the VA

Although some MUSC investigators and staff have a dual appointment to MUSC and the Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Administration Medical Center (VAMC), both institutions maintain separate policies and biosafety committees. 

Researchers working in lab space controlled by MUSC, require MUSC IBC approval. Researchers working in lab space controlled by VAMC, require VAMC Subcommittee on Research Safety (SRS Biosafety)  approval.

Any questions concerning biosafety at the VAMC may be directed to Teresa Gardner, Administrator ( or Dr. Richard Klein, Chair of the RBS of the Research and Development Committee, (843-789-6801).

Dr. Chris Voelkel-Johnson (Biosafety Officer,, 843-792-3125) serves as an Ex-Officio member of the RBS. VA laboratories are inspected by the MUSC Biosafety Officer biannually.