The Dissemination & Implementation Science Collaborative

The Dissemination and Implementation (D&I) Science Collaborative (DISC) aims to accelerate the impact of clinical translational research on health and healthcare. DISC offers consultations for investigators, trainees, and community partners on how to conduct D&I research and evaluate D&I models to advance clinical and community use of evidence-based practices.

Clinical Translational Research Spectrum, facilitating the translation of basic scientific discovery to improved population health.

What is Implementation Science?

Implementation Science is the study of methods to promote the integration of research findings into healthcare policy and practice. Dissemination and implementation (D&I) research aims to accelerate the timely translation of evidence-based research findings to practice and policy by designing studies to better understand how interventions, practices and innovations are launched and

executed in specific settings. While dissemination studies focus on the targeted distribution of information and materials to advance the spread of evidence about interventions and innovations, implementation studies focus on understanding implementation processes and outcomes, and identifying effective strategies for integrating new evidence-based practices/innovations within a specific setting.

Examples of D&I research studies:

  1. Evaluating the natural spread of an innovation in a specific setting
  2. Understanding the mechanisms underlying an intervention’s success or failure
  3. Characterizing key barriers / facilitators to intervention uptake
  4. Developing and testing strategies to optimize adoption, uptake or sustainability of an evidence-based practice
  5. Identifying needed adaptations for scaling an intervention to a new setting or population

NIH PAR22-105• Brownson RC, Colditz GA, Proctor EK. Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health. New York: Oxford University Press; 2012.For more information on understanding the basics of implementation science, check out the following references.

Consultative Services

DISC provides educational and consultative services in the areas listed below to investigators and study teams interested in conducting D&I research.

  • Is my study ready for IS? (an introductory overview of IS methodology);
  • Grant Development (includes new aims and resubmissions);
  • D&I Research Methods (includes discussion of models, measurements and/or de-implementation strategies);
  • Training Plans, (ex: career development grant)

Visit SPARCRequest to submit a request. 

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Lecture/Presentation Request

If you’d like a member of the Dissemination & Implementation Science Collaborative to give a lecture or presentation to your department or group, please complete a request form through this link.

DISC Lecture and Presentation Request Form

Self-Study Resources

For introductory material to review prior to a consultation or for self-study support see links to references, as well as select tools and trainings below.

Getting Started

For a more in depth look at the core components and methodology of an implementation science study, check out the following toolkits.

Dissemination & Implementation Toolkits

Washington University D&I Toolkits

PCORI’s Implementation and Dissemination Toolkit

Dissemination Toolkit

Dissemination Planning Tool

Implementation Toolkits

Implementation Science Telehealth Toolkit (PDF)

Implementation Science Research Development Tool

ADP Implementation Research Toolkit

QUERI Implementation Guide

Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases – Implementation Science Toolkit

Implementation Science Centers in Cancer Control (ISC3) Program Resources

Implementation Science Trainings

Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases – Implementation Science e-Hub Training Program

Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases Training School & Workshops

Training in Implementation: Actionable Research Approaches (TIARA) 

CTSA Compendium of D&I Catalogs

The CTSA Compendium of D&I Catalogs provides a curated list of resource catalogs relevant to the conduct of Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) science. The resource catalogs gathered here include frameworks/theories/models, methods/measures, funding resources, practice resources, training, and health equity resources. Included resource catalogs are curated/sponsored by academic and non-profit organizations with expertise in D&I; contain multiple resources that are systematically organized; and are (in almost all cases) both open-access and actively maintained/updated.

How to use the D&I Catalogs tool: Use the Sort and Filter functions below to view resources in categories of interest, or to view “featured resources.” Use this D&I Resource Suggestion Form to suggest a new catalog for inclusion.

This resource was developed by the Clinical & Translational Science Awards (CTSA) Program’s “Advancing Dissemination and Implementation Sciences in CTSAs” working group. This group focuses on meeting both the conceptual as well as practical challenges to advancing the utilization of D&I across the translational science spectrum. In particular, this group focuses on the “how” of D&I integration within CTSA hubs nationally, and on creating and disseminating practical tools, resources, and insights that CTSAs can use to fully realize the potential of D&I to enhance CTSAs’ mission.

Dissemination & Implementation Research Interest Group

The Dissemination & Implementation Research Interest Group brings together researchers interested in learning more about implementation science. Participation is open to those new to the field, as well as those who may already be engaged in implementation research. The group is fortunate to have outstanding members, several of whom are outside of MUSC. All meetings are held via Zoom, the 2nd Friday of the month at 1:00 p.m. If you are interested in participating, please register here. You only need to register once. If you‘d like to learn more about the group or have any questions, please email Rochelle Hanson at hansonrf@musc.edu.

2023-2024 Overview Schedule


The Dissemination and Implementation Science Collaborative (DISC) is hosting a monthly informal get together open to anyone at MUSC who is interested in dissemination & implementation (D&I) science. If you‘d like to learn more about the group or have any questions, please email Caitlin G. Allen at allencat@musc.edu.

First meeting: Friday, January 12, 2024 from 12:00 -1:00 p.m. via MS Teams

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Below is a list of sources of funding opportunities that are either specific to or include sources of support for D&I research. If you would like additional assistance with finding the types of funding resources specific to your study, please feel free to enter a SPARC Request for a consultation. Once on the SPARCRequest page you will find the D&I services under the green SCTR services button on the left.

NIH: National Cancer Institute

Division of Cancer Control & Population Sciences
[Dissemination and Implementation Research in Health (DIRH) Notice of Reissuance (PAR-22-105, PAR-22-106, PAR-22-109)]

The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ)

This website is a portal for a variety of grants, and we recommend visiting it frequently for updated D&I opportunities.
Grant Mechanisms and Descriptions | Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (ahrq.gov).

The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI)

The PCORI site is also one we suggest visiting frequently for D&I funding opportunities.

MUSC Funding Portal

Search for funding opportunities matching specific keywords using databases. You can also set up funding alerts.

MUSC Library

Need help? Colleges and programs have a designated liaison librarian. Liaisons are subject specialists who provide support for students, staff and faculty in the areas of education, research, clinical work, and scholarly communication. You can contact your Library Liaison or “Ask A Librarian” at the MUSC library. 

MUSC Office of Research Development (ORD)

ORD identifies extramural funding opportunities and assists faculty members in writing competitive grant proposals, emphasizing strategic research areas. You can access their MUSC Funding Portal here and through that page sign up for their Funding Focus newsletter and/or access a variety of funding databases where you can create profiles unique to your specific area of research.

The South Carolina Clinical & Translational Research (SCTR) Institute

SCTR Institute facilitates the sharing of resources and expertise and streamlines research-related processes to bring about large-scale change in the state’s clinical and translational research efforts. SCTR’s partners include the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), Clemson University, Health Sciences South Carolina, and South Carolina State University. Its innovative research resources, funding opportunities, training programs, and other activities foster the growth of clinical and translational research across the state. Subscribe to the SCTR newsletter here: SCTR weekly eNews


Ongoing Learning Opportunities

Seminar Series

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The Dissemination & Implementation Research Interest Group brings together researchers interested in learning more about implementation science.

Series Schedule


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Join a monthly informal get together open to anyone at MUSC interested in dissemination & implementation (D&I) science.

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IS Podcast

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That Implementation Science Podcast discusses everything related to Implementation Science, and many things not.

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