Multisite Programs

Research Opportunities & Collaborations

The focus of the Research Opportunities & Collaborations (ROC) program is to work with industry sponsors, contract research organizations (CROs) and other potential research collaborators to pair clinical research opportunities with MUSC investigators. Support to the MUSC research community includes:

• Dissemination of new research opportunities
• Assistance with feasibility and site selection assessments
• Coordination of site visits/teleconferences
• Comprehensive research support service matching
• Communication of collaborative opportunities with other institutions

To learn more about ROC or to request a consultation visit, please visit MUSC's Office of Clinical Research.

Trial Innovation Network

The Trial Innovation Network (TIN) Liaison Team is one of the three key organizational partners of the CTSA Trial Innovation Network. The Trial Innovation Network (TIN) leverages the expertise, skills, and knowledge of the entire CTSA consortium to innovatively address crucial roadblocks in multi-site clinical trials and accelerate the translation of novel interventions into lifesaving therapies. The TIN liaison team is designed assist investigators to leverage local and national CTSA resources including MUSC’s Clinical Trial Design Center.

What are the Three Key Organizational Partners of the TIN?

The three key organization parts of the TIN are the Trial Innovation Centers (TICs), Recruitment Innovation Center (RIC) and Trial Innovation Network (TIN) liaison teams. The TICS are charged with coordinating and providing, innovative, high quality operational support for clinical trials. The RIC is focused on innovation and evidence based approaches to participate recruitment, engagement and retention. The TIN liaison team uses their expertise and knowledge at the local level to coordinate and develop action plans best suited for our researchers. Learn more about the National Trial Innovation Network

Why Contact the TIN Liaison Team?

The TIN liaison team allows investigators to focus on the research question by streamlining the multi-center study process. Investigators receive support from the local TIN liaison team throughout the submission and implementation process, and are able to leverage a broad range of expertise. The TIN liaison team is designed to work in partnership with other CTSA institutions. Contact the TIN liaison team to see what we can do for your research study.

How Do I Contact the TIN Liaison Team?

Visit SPARCRequest and select “Trial Innovation Network” from the SCTR service catalog. If you have any questions please contact Kristen Clasen -

What Is the Clinical Trial Design Center?

Clinical Trial Design Center (CTDC) is led by Drs. Chimowitz and Palesch. The CTDC staff will meet with investigators to help design multi-site trials and consult on statistics and data management. Additionally, Drs. Chimowitz and Palesch and SCTR staff will advise investigators on how to navigate the agencies involved (e.g., NIH, CMS, FDA), interact with industry partners, and prepare the trial budget.

To request a design consultation, visit SPARCrequest and select "Clinical Trials Design Center" under the SCTR service catalog.

Clinical Trialist Training

Learn more about this one year training opportunity developing new site investigators for multicenter clinical trials.


Dr. Marc Chimowitz 

Marc Chimowitz, M.B.Ch.B.

Program Director

Tanya Turan 

Tanya Turan, M.D, M.S.C.R.

Associate Director

Royce Sampson 

Royce Sampson, MSN, RN, CRA

Administrator/Project Manager


Liaison Team Contacts

Signe Denmark 

Signe Denmark, MS, CCRP

Point of Contact

Matthew Carpenter 

Matt Carpenter, Ph.D.

Remote Trials

Mauney Toni 

Toni Mauney, BA, CCRP

Regulatory Manager

Stacey Goretzka
IRB Manager