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SCTR Lunch & Learns address topical research issues over the lunch hour for research faculty and staff.

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Research Nexus Policies and Best Practices

June 21, 2023 | 12:00 – 1:00 p.m.

Presented by: Anne Wulf, Research Navigator

The Research Nexus presentation on policies and best practices will give information on who we are, what we do, and tips and tricks for using Nexus services. Key topics will include how to start a study in the Nexus, submitting amendments, registering patients, conducting in-services, and other details on how to ensure your study runs smoothly.

Email Kristen Briggman for more information.

Lunch & Learn Library


ChatGPT and Predatory Journals
March 2023

Innovation and Commercialization
March 2023


Why Research Billing Review is Important?
November 2022

Utilizing TriNetX Research Network to Support Feasibility and Obtain De-identified Patient Sets
November 2022

Research Nexus Policies and Best Practices
August 2022

Leveraging the Institutional Requirements Review to Facilitate Research Billing and Regulatory Compliance
July 2022

MUSC Guidelines on Research Recruitment through Social Media
June 2022

TL1 Pre-doctoral Clinical and Translational Research Training Program Q&A Session
May 2022
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MUSC Patient Outreach Recruitment (POR): An Overview of Cold-Contact Methods
April 2022

Digital Health Solutions: AppBuilder and Other Resources
March 2022

The Ease of Obtaining a Limited Dataset through TriNetX
January 2022


How to Use the Coverage Analysis for Budgeting
December 2021

SPARC Navigation - Addressing Common Questions When using SPARCRequest
November 2021

SCTR Research Nexus Policies and Best Practices
October 2021

Navigating the ClinicalTrials.gov PRS (Protocol Registration System)
August 2021

Building Trust with Community-Based Organizations
July 2021

TL1 Pre-doctoral Clinical and Translational Research Training Program Q&A
June 2021

Leveraging Teleconsent for Research Using Doxy.me: Description and Process
May 2021

Increasing Engagement of LGBTQ+ Populations in Health Care Delivery and Health Research: Lessons Learned
April 2021

The N3C Enclave, a National Database Dedicated to COVID-19
March 2021

IRB Reliance on an External IRB
February 2021

Updates to MUSC’s Recruitment Policy and Patient Recruitment Process
January 2021

New Research SOP: Delegation of Authority (DOA)
January 2021


SPARCRequest Navigation
December 2020

Quality Improvement vs. Research
November 2020

The Living BioBank: Just-in-Time Capture System for Research Specimens from Clinical Care
October 2020

The MUSC Drug Discovery Core
Presentation (PDF)
Pamphlet (PDF)
September 2020

eReg Documentation: Overview and System Demonstration
Presentation (PDF)
August 2020

Contact Elizabeth Szwast or Amanda Cameron to request access to the July TriNetX recorded training session.
July 2020

June 2020

Health Disparities Surrounding COVID-19
May 2020

OnCore Overview and Demonstration
April 2020

Predoctoral Clinical and Translational Research Training Program
April 2020

March 2020

Drug Management
February 2020


Research Compliance
December 2019

October 2019

How to Create Amendments in eIRB
August 2019

SCTR Research Nexus Clinic and Laboratory Policies and Best Practices
July 2019

Back to Basics: Biosketch for Success
April 2019

SCTR KL2 and College of Medicine K12
January 2019


Freezer Repair Vendor Kickoff
April 2018

SCTR TL1 Predoctoral Program - RFA Q&A
March 2018

Hollings Cancer Center Protocol Review Committee - New Policy Overview
March 2018

New Federal Requirements for Consent
January 2018


Translational Research Across the Lifespan - Enhancing Recruitment & Engagement of Pediatric & Geriatric Populations in Research
December 2017

QI Self-Certification Tool and IRB Updates
November 2017

Research Billing Compliance
October 2017

SCTR Special Populations Lunch and Learn
No hablo inglés: Strategies for Greater Inclusion of Hispanic Research Participants
September 2017

Foundation for Research Development/SCTR Lunch and Learn:
South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA)

September 2017

Research Master ID
May 2017

eConsent for REDCap
May 2017

April 2017

Cher-ing Tips on Recruiting Women from Vulnerable Populations - I Got You Babe.
March 2017

Epic Research Forum
March 2017

ClinCard by Greenphire

February 2017

Office of Clinical Research (OCR)
January 2017

For information on these past events, please contact Diana Lee-Chavarria

If you would like a copy of the slides or recorded presentation, please contact Kristen Briggman.


Diana Lee-Chavarria 

Diana Lee-Chavarria, MA
Workforce Training and Development Manager

Kristen Briggman

Kristen Briggman
Program Coordinator