Safe Dentistry

Pandemic inspires dental safety research and innovation at MUSC

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Dr. Walter Renne holds lip retraction device he created.

Research at MUSC

The Medical University of South Carolina is dedicated to engaging community members in all aspects of the research process. Research and discovery programs at MUSC promote health, reduce the risk of illness and disease, and build community resilience. Our discoveries are transforming health care outcomes across South Carolina and beyond.

Research Highlights

Novel MIS-C Therapy

MUSC member plays with child patient

Using an investigational cell therapy, Medical University of South Carolina pediatricians successfully treated two patients with multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, a rare but life-threatening complication of COVID-19.

Featured Researcher

Illustration of two brains showing the motor cortex, located near the middle of the skull, and the DLPFC, closer to the front.

Researchers have discovered that there may be a new pathway in the brain that provides pain relief and reduces cravings for opioids. Over a third of the U.S. population suffers from chronic pain, with little to no reported relief from medication. Transcranial magnetic brain stimulation (TMS) is a noninvasive form of brain stimulation that may offer a new treatment option for these underserved members of our community.