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Two researchers work with the mass spectrometer

Research at MUSC

The Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC) is the premier biomedical research institution in South Carolina. Our success in receiving research funding reflects an enterprise of basic and clinical scientists internationally recognized for biomedical work in diseases such as cancer, stroke, health disparities, addiction sciences, inflammation and fibrosis, and digestive disease - just to name a few! All a direct result of recruiting top scientists with a strategic focus to serve the needs of the people of South Carolina.

From bench lab to patient bedside, we are committed to leading health innovation for the lives we touch. We invite you to explore these stories, engage with us, and get to know the scientists who are the heart of our research community dedicated to changing what's possible in healthcare through state of the art research and discovery!

Research Highlights

Living with spinal cord injury

James Krause, Ph.D. (center) and his team gathered together on a rooftop.

Spinal cord injuries can leave people feeling isolated, but survivors such as MUSC researcher James Krause exhibit a strong resilient streak.

In the News

Dr. Andrew Atz takes Pierce Cook’s temperature as his twin brother, Lucca, looks on.

Researchers working to answer some of the more pressing questions of the pandemic have helped drive extramural funding at the Medical University of South Carolina to a record high.

Featured Researcher

Drs. Turner and Findlay with their dogs

Hollings researchers studying whether popular dog foods are causing cancer.