Neurodevelopmental Research

MUSC to launch Center of Biomedical Research Excellence focusing on autism, other neurodevelopmental conditions, through NIH grant.

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Christopher Cowan, Ph.D.

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We’re harnessing the possibilities of innovation. At the Medical University of South Carolina, new ideas and advancements flow from classrooms to laboratories and out into communities across our state and the world. Led by our internationally recognized faculty and scientists, our discoveries grow knowledge, our clinical trials transform medical treatments, and our innovations influence the care you receive.

As South Carolina’s premier biomedical research institute, we know there’s always new terrain to cover. The drive toward innovation that makes an impact propels us forward: leading the state in research funding, we’re home to just one of 60 Clinical and Translational Service Award (CTSA) hubs, our researchers published over 3,500 articles in 2021 alone, and we’re the home of more than 50 active biomedical startups. See how we’re shaping the boundless discoveries of biomedical research.

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Research Areas

Innovation lays the foundation for advancement, but it doesn’t stop there. Explore how our discoveries impact the lives we touch—from new diagnostic approaches to more elective, less invasive treatments.

Addiction Sciences

From brain neuroimaging to genetics, MUSC researchers turn to technology to increase the medical field’s understanding of addiction and expand treatment possibilities.


We’re home to the Hollings Cancer Center, the state’s only NCI-designated center that serves as a hub of innovative research, education, treatment, and outreach.

Community Health

Drawing together community members and academic researchers, we strive to understand and break down health disparities and improve healthcare access across our state.

Digestive Diseases

As a national emerging leader in this specialty, MUSC brings together gastroenterologists, surgeons, and radiologists to advance treatment of digestive health and liver disease.

Drug Discovery

Our collaborations with pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries generate breakthrough therapies and medicines for cancer, fibrotic and inflammatory diseases, and neurological disorders.

Inflammation and Fibrosis

Our preeminent basic, clinical, and translational research advances therapies for autoimmune disorders and fibrotic diseases.


Home to one of the nation’s largest teams of neuroscience specialists, MUSC uses the latest technologies to observe how the brain works and continue advancing the field.

Oral Health

Our use of technology paired with state-of-the-art dental education leads to discoveries that improve oral, dental, and craniofacial health.

Stroke and Spinal

Our advances in stroke and spinal cord injury research shape approaches to post-stroke and rehabilitation care.

Health Disparities

In studying chronic disease, MUSC aims to increase healthcare access and reduce care disparities in the state while focusing on conditions ranging from cancer and diabetes to mental illness.

Centers, Cores & Institutes

Transformative ideas begin here. Explore MUSC’s research centers, institutions, and cores, home to state-of-the-art resources and health-advancing instruction.

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MUSC recruits top scientists to push boundaries and direct innovation. Get to know our world-recognized team.

Binder saying clinical trials along with stethoscope, vials and pills.

Find a Clinical Trial

Empowering patient health begins with clinical trials. Explore how we’re pioneering progress.

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Resource Routing

Innovation flourishes through collaboration. Learn more about our health-advancing startups and funding opportunities, and help us continue unlocking transformative possibilities.

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