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COMMUNICATION: August 8, 2023

Due to the overwhelming positive response to SCTR’s increasing the voucher amount to $2,500, we have already awarded all budgeted voucher funding. Unfortunately, we need to suspend voucher requests at this time. We will announce when the voucher funding will again be available. Thank you for your interest in the SCTR vouchers. We wish our awardees much success with their projects.

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The South Carolina Clinical & Translational Research Institute (SCTR) is offering an ongoing funding opportunity open to all MUSC Principal Investigators with a faculty appointment. SCTR Vouchers enable investigators to gather preliminary data for inclusion in a grant proposal, improve the science or safety of their research projects, or develop a translational focus to their research.


A Principal Investigator (PI) with a MUSC faculty appointment is eligible to apply for a Voucher for his or her research protocol. Basic, translational, and clinical researchers along with community research projects affiliated with MUSC can apply.

*Note: Only one Voucher per IACUC or IRB number will be granted.


A Voucher can be approved for up to $2,500. Voucher funds may be used to reimburse the costs for research services and supplies including hourly research coordinator rates for SCTR's Research Coordination and Management, MUHA laboratory services, clinical procedures, pregnancy testing supplies, core facilities, or off campus labs. Vouchers cannot be used to fund BMIC Research Data Request processing, food, effort for personnel, parking, travel, computers, IRB fees, or publication costs


MUSC PIs with faculty appointments are eligible for one Voucher per year. Voucher funds expire one year from the approval date.


Voucher requests are currently suspended.   


Voucher requests are reviewed by SCTR staff within 2 business days of receiving the SPARC Request. SCTR staff will reach out to the requester with any questions and send a link for the SCTR Voucher Application form for completion. 

Once a Voucher is approved and an awarded PI is ready to receive their Voucher funds, they will need to complete this REDCap form.  This form will be completed when all funds have been expended or one year from the approval date when the voucher expires, whichever is first.

Follow Up

You will be expected to complete a survey regarding project outcomes. You are required to acknowledge NIH Grant Number UL1 TR001450 and provide information on publications, extramural funding, and intellectual property related to this funding. Compliance with the NIH Public Access Policy is required. Publications must be submitted to PubMed Central & receive a PMCID within 3 months of release.

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