Forms & Guidance

Scientific Protocol

Scientific Protocol Template (DOCX)

Community-Engaged Research Protocol Addendum (DOC)

Exempt Category 4 Review Supporting Information (DOC)

Guidance for Expedited Review - Retrospective Studies (PDF)

Guidance for Community-Engaged Research

Guidance for Exempt Review - Categories 2 and 4 (DOC)

Informed Consent

Informed Consent Template with HIPAA (eIRB) (DOCX)

Informed Consent Template (eIRB) (DOCX)

Informed Consent Template (ERMA) (DOCX)

Concise Summary Examples (DOCX)

Suggested Consent Language Library

Short Form Consent Template: English (DOC), Spanish (DOCX)

Short Form Addendum for Sub-Studies Template (Spanish Version) (DOCX)

Signature Page for use with Long Form Template (Spanish Version) (DOCX)

Waiver of Signed Consent (ERMA Only) (PDF)

Waiver of Consent (ERMA Only) (PDF)

Electronic Consent Guidance (DOCX)- Updated 07/28/2020

Guidance for Short Form Consent (PDF)


HIPAA Authorization (eIRB) (DOC) - Updated 03/04/2020

HIPAA Authorization (eIRB) - Spanish (DOCX)

HIPAA Authorization (eIRB) - Optional Research Version (DOC)

HIPAA Authorization (eIRB) - Optional Research Version - Spanish (DOCX)

HIPAA Authorization (ERMA Only) (DOC)

HIPAA Authorization (ERMA Only) - Optional Research Version (DOC)

HIPAA Waiver of Authorization (ERMA Only) (DOC)

HIPAA De-Identification Form (ERMA Only) (DOC)

Privacy Notice

Notice of Privacy Practices (English) (PDF)

Notice of Privacy Practices (Spanish) (PDF)

Standard Paragraphs

Child and Adult FDA Regulated HIPAA (DOC)

Child and Adult FDA Regulated (DOC)

Child and Adult Not FDA Regulated HIPAA (DOC)

Child and Adult Not FDA Regulated (DOC)

Child FDA Regulated HIPAA (DOC)

Child FDA Regulated (DOC)

Child Not FDA Regulated HIPAA (DOC)

Child Not FDA Regulated (DOC)

FDA Regulated HIPAA (DOC)

FDA Regulated (DOC)

Not FDA Regulated HIPAA (DOC)

Not FDA Regulated (DOC)

Attachments (for eIRB & ERMA)

Off-Campus Study Site (DOC)

VA Addendum to MUSC IRB Continuing Review Application (DOC)

eIRB Watermark

MUSC Watermark for All Documents (DOC)

MUSC Watermark for All Remote/Relying Site Documents

Instructions for use of Watermark (DOC)

Attachments (for ERMA)

Human Research Conflict of Interest Disclosure (DOC)

Cover Page for Updated Investigator Brochure (DOC)

Investigational New Drug (IND) Information Sheet (Drug A) (DOC)

Late Submission Approval (IRB I and II Only) (DOC)

Marketed Drug(s) Only Information Sheet (Drug B) (DOC)

Oncology Group NCI Protocol Only Drug Information Sheet (Drug C) (DOC)

Medical device (IDE) Information Sheet (Drug D) (DOC)

PI Statement of Assurance/Signature Page (DOC)

Protocol Deviation Report Form (DOC)

Veterans Administration Forms

View Veterans Administration Forms here.

Archive to Prior IRB Form Versions

View Archive to Prior IRB Form Versions here.