External Affiliate NetID

An “External Affiliate NetID” process is available for non-MUSC research staff (i.e. community partners, off-campus collaborators) who for study purposes require an MUSC NetID to access the eIRB, CITI Training, REDCap, and/or SPARCRequest systems. This is a 2-step process that MUST be completed by an MUSC employee acting as the sponsor. A non-MUSC researcher cannot submit a request for themselves.

  1. Submit a SPARCRequest for an External Affiliate NetID.
  2. Submit each affiliate’s information via the REDCap link.

Once received, NetIDs are typically issued within 3 business days at no cost to the investigator. To request an Extension or to Terminate an existing External Affiliate NetID, access the REDCap link.

All MUSC employees and external affiliates are required to reset their NetID passwords a minimum of every 6 months.

External Affiliate NetID sponsorships are valid for a 12-month period and must be renewed by an authorized member of the MUSC study team via the REDCap form for continued access the approved websites.

If the external affiliate did not reset the initial temporary password that was sent by Information Solutions (IS) at the time their NetID was established, they will need to follow password reset instructions.

Password Reset Instructions

External affiliates who remember their current password, can change it themselves by going to netid.musc.edu, clicking the “Change My Password” link and following the prompts.

If their password is forgotten:

  • The original NetID sponsor (or an authorized member of the study team as captured in SPARC) may submit a request for manual password reset via ServiceNow* and a temporary password will be sent to the affiliates email on file.

If the affiliate’s email needs to be changed, please contact the SUCCESS Center and we update the password and submit a request on the affiliate’s behalf.

For additional information, please refer to the FAQ document (PDF), Troubleshooting External Affiliate NetID Login Issues (PDF), or contact SUCCESS@musc.edu for assistance.