Limited Submission Opportunities

Annual Calendar

ORD manages the Limited Submissions for MUSC and if you are interested in applying, please review the calendar for deadline dates, eligibility, and the internal submission process.

Limited submissions are funding opportunities in which the sponsor restricts the number of applications, proposals, or nominations that can be submitted on behalf of a single institution. MUSC assumes the responsibility for the screening of pre-applications/nominations to select the most competitive proposal that will be permitted to move forward for funding consideration.

By submitting a pre-application through the process below, you agree to submit a full application if selected as a winner of the internal competition. Those interested in applying to a limited submission FOA that is not posted on the InfoReady webpage should contact ORD immediately (

Limited Submission Pre-Application Process 

  1. Alert the ORD.  Please complete a Notice of Intent to submit a pre-application and submit to This helps our office better prepare based upon the level of interest from the faculty research community.
  2. Submission. Interested investigators should submit their pre-applications via the MUSCInfoReady Review system. This site facilitates management of pre-applications/nominations, internal review processes, and sharing of outcomes. To access the InfoReady Review system, click the provided link, enter your MUSC netID, and fill out the requested information. Your proposal will be accessible only to ORD staff and faculty reviewers.
  3. Review. An ad hoc peer review panel made up of MUSC faculty members will be assembled. This panel evaluates the merit of submitted pre-proposals according to the program guidelines and makes recommendations. The MUSC Vice President for Research approves the final selection.
  4. Notification.  All applicants will be notified of internal review decision by email. If chosen to submit a full application on behalf of MUSC, this acceptance will be sent the PI’s Department Chair and their respective grants coordinator in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.