Education & Training

Mandatory Stem Cell Training

CITI Human Stem Cell Research modules:

Once researchers complete these education requirements, CITI training will be valid indefinitely. As research goals change, however, additional modules may need to be taken.

To take the CITI Human Stem Cell Research, take the following steps:

  1. Log in with your NetID.
  2. Click on the hyperlink “Main Menu” (almost at the top, left).
  3. Click on the hyperlink “Add a Course or Update Learner Groups” (in the black rimmed-box, titled My Learner Tools for Medical University of South Carolina).
  4. Click the box for Human Stem Cell Research , click Next.
  5. Read the instructions and follow them along. 
  6. You’ll be guided back to the list of courses you should complete. But before you can access the modules, you need to click the “Complete The Integrity Assurance Statement before beginning the course” link.
  7. After completing all required modules, you may print out a Completion Report. There is, however, no need to email or submit this to the SCRO. The SCRO manager can check your completion records with administrative access to CITI database.
  8. Log out.