Rodent Genetic Database

The MUSC Rodent Genetic Database is a user-populated online database of research rodent model strains used by MUSC investigators. This tool allows MUSC Researchers to share information about the rodent resources already present on campus to support new experimental approaches or facilitate collaborations that might otherwise not occur. The database is currently in a PDF format and is only accessible via MUSC NetID. To request a web accessible version of the database, please contact Gwendolyn Bouchie at

Genetic Resources Database

Find rodent model strains currently available from MUSC investigators.

If you have rodent lines that could be added to this database, please take the time to enter them in the Rodent Genetic Resources Database Input form. Submitting information on rodent lines is voluntary and very easy (requiring no more than 30 sec per line). Although this information will be provided only to MUSC investigators for collaboration purposes, it is recommended that you only submit line/strain information that is not confidential or proprietary. While the database is static for now, the goal is to develop a dynamic database with this information in the future. Individuals who would like additional information about a particular mouse strain are asked to contact the owner of the strain directly. The database is for internal use only and must be accessed using NetID.