Molecular Analytics Core Services & Fees

Bioinformatic service is available primarily for processing and/or downstream analysis of bulk RNA-seq data. The core can receive raw data from external providers, run RNA-seq processing pipelines (QC, alignment, quantification, differential expression, enrichment), and assist with dissemination of data to users or public archives. The core has proprietary and publicly available software for data processing and secure storage capacity for short- and longer-term storage or raw and processed data.

  • Bioinformatics: standard service; MUSC hourly analysis fees apply; inquire
  • Bioinformatics-collaborative: service towards current or pending grants. Cost $0
  • Bioinformatics-external: standard service; external hourly analysis fees apply; inquire

Bioanalyzer: quality evaluation of total RNA or DNA using a 2100 Agilent Bioanalyzer. Types of Bioanalyzer service:

  • Total RNA Nano (25-500 ng/µL); up to 12 samples: ~$50
  • Total RNA Pico (50-2500 pg/µL); up to 11 samples: ~$55
  • DNA Hi sensitivity (5 pg-100 pg/uL for library analysis); up to 11 samples: ~$80

Service requests will be generated by the core on behalf of the user through the Infinity system.

  • Register with Infinity and/or request core access
  • Contact the director to arrange a service request