Equipment & Fees

Instrumentation is available for use after certification of training. Most instrument usage is handled through the Infinity system, including requesting access to the core instruments and scheduling usage.


  • qPCR: the core has two qPCR instruments, a Bio-Rad CFX96 Touch (5 color) and a Bio-Rad CFX96 Connect (2 color). Both are capable of SYBR and Taqman assays.
  • PCR: GeneAmp™ PCR System 9700, 96-well block
  • Microplate Reader: the Synergy H1 is a microplate reader with monochromator optics, offering flexibility and sensitivity across a broad range of applications
  • Nanodrop One C: The Nanodrop One C spectrophotometer can be used in standard Nanodrop mode (measuring 1-2 µL) or in a cuvette reader mode
  • Qubit: Qubit 3.0 (PDF) and 2.0 fluorometers are available for quantification of DNA, RNA, and protein using the fluorescence-based Qubit quantitation assays. Users must supply necessary tubes and kits
  • Diagenode Bioruptor Ultrasonicator (PDF). The Bioruptor is a sonication device used for many purposes including chromatin shearing, DNA and RNA shearing, tissue disruption, etc. Unlike other core instruments, the Bioruptor is available for short term loan. Interested users should contact the Director.


qPCR CFX96 Touch (5 color) $4/2hr run

qPCR CFX96 Connect (2 color) $4/2hr run

PCR, GeneAmp 9700, 96-well block Free

Synergy H1 Microplate Reader Free

Nanodrop One C Free

Qubit 3.0 Free

Bioruptor Free