Access & Service Request

Requesting access to core instruments and services

Access to the core instrumentation and services requires Infinity registration. Once registered you’ll need to request access to the core and/or core instruments.


  1. login to Infinity and request access to the core or to the desired core instruments:
    • Select the “Instruments” tab
    • Select “Molecular Analytics Core” from the Facility drop down menu
    • Hover your mouse over the instrument(s) until a popup menu appears, then select “request access”
  2. Notify the core director that you have requested access

Training and instrument scheduler access

  • Access to the Infinity scheduler is given after training is certified by the core director. Training ranges from 15-60 min depending on prior experience
  • Request instrument training
  • It is optional but strongly encouraged that users coordinate their first instrument run with the core director

Submitting a service request

All service requests are prepared by the core on behalf of users through the Infinity core management system. Users needing a service request should contact the Director.