Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping Services & Pricing

The core is currently equipped to test a variety of behaviors in mice, ranging from anxiety to sociability. These include social interaction, social novelty, social communication, general activity (including repetitive behaviors), anxiety (elevated-plus maze, open-field chamber, and dark/light box exploration), depression (force-swim test and tail-suspension test), cognitive task (novel object recognition, Y-maze, Pavlovian fear conditioning, etc), startle response (acoustic- or shock-induced), sucrose preference (anhedonia test), and others. All of the tests proposed have been reviewed and approved by the MUSC IACUC and are currently being used in Dr. Christopher Cowanā€™s laboratory to study different neurological disorders, including autism, drug addiction, and anxiety/depression.

Please consult with Adam Harrington ( regarding experimental design, feasibility, and expected outcomes of proposed behavior test, as well as to reserve equipment and schedule training.

Fee Structure

All prices listed are for MUSC investigators.

  • Studies and data analysis by staff: $60/hour
  • Use of equipment/room: $20/hour
  • Training by staff: $60/hour

Behavior Tests Available


  • Detailed Locomotor Activity
  • General Locomotor Activity


  • 3-chamber Social Interaction Test
  • Open Field Social Interaction Test
  • Conditioned Place Preference
  • Juvenile Vocalizations (USVs) ā€“ distress
  • Adult Vocalizations (USVs) ā€“ social


  • Pavlovian Fear Conditioning
  • Contextual Fear Conditioning
  • Fear Potentiated Startle
  • Y-maze
  • Barnes Maze
  • Novel Object Recognition (NOR)


  • Elevated Plus Maze (EPM)
  • Elevated O-Maze (EOM)
  • Marble Burying
  • Dark/Light Box Exploration
  • Open Field Test


  • Forced-Swim Test
  • Tail-Suspension Test
  • Sucrose Preference

Sensorimotor Analysis

  • Pre-Pulse Inhibition (PPI)
  • Shock Sensitivity
  • Acoustic Startle