Mouse Behavioral Phenotyping Equipment

Floor plan for the MBP office

The current behavior testing suite (BS415) contains equipment and mazes from Med Associates and Stoelting to test a variety of mouse behaviors associated with neurological and motor disorders, which have been detailed below.

Equipment Qty Brand
3-Chamber Social Interaction Arena 1 Stoelting
Any-Maze Video Tracking Camera & Software 1 Stoelting
Barnes Maze 1 Stoelting
Conditioned Place Preference Boxes 8 Med Associates
Elevated 0-Maze 1 Stoelting
Elevated Plus Maze 1 Stoelting
Locomotor Chambers 12 Med Associates
Open Field Box 2 Stoelting
Operant Chambers 8 Med Associates
Startle Boxes 2 Med Associates
Ultrasonic Vocalization Chambers & Equipment 2 Aves
Vertical Activity Chambers 2 Med Associates
Video Cameras 6  
Video Freeze (Fear Conditioning) Chambers 4 Med Associates
Y-Maze 2 Stoelting
A. Developmental Milestones (USVs)
A photograph of Developmental Milestones (USVs) A chart illustrating Developmental Milestones (USVs)
B. Social Behavior (Sociability)
A photograph of Social Behavior (Sociability) A chart illustrating Social Behavior (Sociability)
C. Learning & Memory (Fear Conditioning)
A photograph of Learning and Memory (Fear Conditioning) A chart illustrating Learning and Memory (Fear Conditioning)
D. Motor Function (Locomotor Assay)
A photograph of Motor Function (Locomotor Assay) A chart illustrating Motor Function (Locomotor Assay)
E. Mood/Affect (Elevated Plus Maze)
A photograph of Mood/Affect (Elevated Plus Maze) A chart illustrating Mood-Affect (Elevated Plus Maze)
(Harrington et al., 2016; Harrington, Bridges et al., 2020)