Implementation Science – Current Research & How Can We Help?

SCTR Communications
March 22, 2022
Dissemination & Implementation Science

Members of the research community are encouraged to share their dissemination & implementation research interests and/or experiences.

Implementation Science is the study of methods to promote the integration of research findings into healthcare policy and practice.  More specifically it encompasses two broad areas of research: (1) dissemination research, which focuses on the targeted distribution of information and materials to advance the spread of evidence about interventions and innovations, and (2) implementation research, which focuses on understanding implementation processes and outcomes and identifying effective strategies for integrating new evidence-based practices/innovations within a specific setting. 

The field of implementation science is growing at a rapid pace as funders and researchers increase their focus on accelerating the pace of translating scientific discovery into practice.  The Dissemination & Implementation Science Collaborative (DISC) is a South Carolina Clinical & Translational Research (SCTR) Institute program that seeks to build capacity in dissemination and implementation research in South Carolina. DISC has created a survey designed to characterize current work in the area of Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) research and to identify both the interest in D&I research training and the support needs of our clinical and academic community.  To that end, DISC is asking members of the research community to share their experience and interest in this area by completing the survey, accessible from the link below.  It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.  

Implementation Science Survey

DISC is seeking feedback to identify current D&I work, and to better understand the interest areas and support needed by South Carolina researchers.