Crisis in New Sugarton

April 23, 2021
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Crisis is New Sugarton is a new educational video game developed by MUSC’s Office of Interprofessional Initiatives. Players use their internet-connected smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer to play this interactive game, in which they are recruited to develop and run a mobile telehealth program. Crisis in New SugartonThe game takes place in a fictitious US state with an excessive diabetes problem. Players must choose a mobile health vehicle and outfit it with a telehealth computer system and medical equipment package. They then choose 3 counties in the state to visit with the mobile unit using prevalence and population information to inform their choices. Players also choose a nurse and a social worker to travel in the mobile unit, each with unique strengths and weaknesses. Players learn about 15 health professions, including information about their roles, responsibilities, and education. Within each county, players are presented with a patient that has unique diabetes-related issues. The player must select the 5 most appropriate healthcare providers/professions to meet the needs of each case. After visiting each county, players are provided feedback on their efficiency, safety, clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction. Students earn bonus money for good performance in the counties. In between county visits, players can upgrade their mobile units and purchase targeted trainings for their staff.

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