Predoctoral Students

SCTR TL1 (T32) Predoctoral Clinical & Translational Research Training Program

The SCTR TL1 is an NIH-funded mentored research training program for pre-doctoral students in PhD or dual-degree programs with a strong interest in pursuing a career in clinical and/or translational research. The program provides early exposure to clinical and translational research methodology through experiential training opportunities and an instructive curriculum, along with many professional development opportunities. Mentors and SCTR program staff guide trainees in developing, setting up, and conducting a federally funded research project and writing a competitive fellowship grant application.

Trainees in the TL1 program do not incur any extra time for completion of their graduation requirements and successfully complete their degree programs in the same amount of time as non-TL1 trainees.

Trainee Seminar Series 

The TL1 program has put together a seminar series for January, February, and March, 2021. While the lecture series will be targeted at students, current and former TL1 trainees, and post-doctoral fellows, the topics can be universally applied to all research personnel and the series is open to everyone at MUSC. 

Why Mentoring Matters for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Presenter: Audrey Murrell, Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
Thursday, March 25, 2021 | 12:00 - 1:00 p.m.

Registration is required for the Trainee Seminar Series.

Contact Kristen Briggman with questions.

TL1 Impact By the Numbers






Honors and Grant Awards


F30/F31 NRSA Awards


1st Year Trainees

Gray Evans
John "Gray" Evans
College of Graduate Studies
University of Virginia, BA, 2015
Research Project: Role of IFNLR1 Receptor Dynamics and Plasticity in Regulating Cellular Response to Type-III Interferons
Mentor: Eric Meissner, Ph.D.


Amelia Furbish
Amelia Furbish
College of Graduate Studies
 Wofford College, BS, 2015
Research Project: Small Molecule Inhibitors of Spermine Oxidase and Implications for Neuronal Injury
Mentor: Patrick Woster, Ph.D.


Corey Morrow
Corey Morrow
College of Health Professions
Education: Eastern Washington University, BA, 2010
Eastern Washington University, MS, 2013
Research Project: Translate Emerging Upper Extremity Rehab Technology from Clinical Trials to Rehabilitation Therapy Practice
Mentor: Na Jin Seo, Ph.D. 


Alyssa Risner
Alyssa Risner
College of Graduate Studies
Education: Coastal Carolina University, BS, 2019
Research Project: Cadherin complexes recruit PIWI to suppress transposons and pro-tumorigenic transformation
Mentor: Antonis Kourtidis, Ph.D.


2nd Year Trainees

Christine Couch
College of Graduate Studies
Education: University of South Carolina, BS, 2011
Georgia State University, MS, 2014
Research Project: Effect of Age and Smoking on Outcomes after Stroke and Anti-inflammatory Therapies
Mentor: Stephen Tomlinson, Ph.D.

Joseph Karam
College of Graduate Studies
College of Charleston, BS, 2014
Medical University of South Carolina, MS, 2016
Research Project: Characterizing hnRNP E1s Function in Genome Stability and DNA Transactions at Cancer Gene Promoters
Mentor: Philip Howe, Ph.D.

Alexander McQuiston
College of Graduate Studies
Education: Kenyon College, BA, 2016
Research Project: Complement Driven Autoreactive Antibodies in Lung Transplantation
Mentor: Carl Atkinson, Ph.D.

Alexander Oles
College of Graduate Studies
Education: Kenyon College, BA, 2016
Research Project: Elucidating Components of Novel MyoD Co-repressor Complex on Stemness Genes
Mentor: Denis Guttridge, Ph.D.

Past Trainees (PDF)



Diana Lee-Chavarria 

Diana Lee-Chavarria, MA

Workforce Training and Development Manager



Kristen Briggman

Kristen Briggman
TL1 Program Coordinator