eIRB Training & Guidance

Developed & Maintained by the Success Center in Collaboration with the Office of Research Integrity

eIRB On-Line Training Courses

As a supplement to guidance materials, provide demonstration of eIRB functions that

  • Highlight navigation features
  • Complete major tasks

To view these courses, speakers must be in use. To view the session in full-screen mode, select the icon that looks like a computer screen in top right corner of the box with the session’s name. To minimize the session again, Press ESC. Options to adjust the volume and play speed and control playback functions are at the bottom of the screen. 

Training eIRB

UserID: musc-YourNetID (example: musc-veatchlm)
Password: jek30rid

**** IMPORTANT NOTE: The eIRB Training site is manually updated

Please send an email to veatchlm@musc.edu with your name and netid so the system can be updated.
Production eIRB