Division of Lab Animal Resources

The Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (DLAR) at the Medical University of South Carolina is the enterprise authority overseeing laboratory animal research. DLAR provides consistently high standards of laboratory animal care, promoting the welfare and stewardship of animals used in biomedical research to meet the evolving needs of a competitive research environment.


Kristi Helke, DVM, PhD, DACVP, the Director of DLAR, answers directly to the Vice President for Research, who is the institutional official responsible for compliance with regulations involving animal issues. The Department of Comparative Medicine, in the College of Medicine, is the academic home for the veterinarians in DLAR.


DLAR provides husbandry and veterinary care for all laboratory animals at MUSC. In addition to providing essential care, DLAR also offers a myriad of other services that include diagnostic testing, colony health surveillance and a long list of technical services. Surgical services are available in a centralized surgical and post-surgical care facility. All animals housed on MUSC campus must be ordered through our procurement desk regardless of the source of the animals. DLAR veterinary personnel are available for collaborative research and consultations. Consultations with DLAR are free and highly encouraged, especially when submitting a new protocol to the IACUC.

More information on DLAR for MUSC faculty is available at Division of Laboratory Animal Resources (NetID is required) | MUSC Horseshoe (NetID is required).

External agencies may inquiry about DLAR services by contacting Dr. Helke at 843-876-5202.