Comparative Effectiveness and Data Analytics Research (CEDAR)

MUSC Clyburn Research Center at night

CEDAR maintains a registry of resource-rich data sets from national, statewide and regional sources, such as: Medicare 5 percet sample, MarketScan® billing data, HCUP Nationwide Sample and HCUP SID data from 17 states, NHANES and BRFS data, and SC Social Determinants of Health. The center also partners with other data suppliers to enhance access to critical repositories, and has expert faculty well-versed in maximizing the research potential of these resources. CEDAR provides controlled use of these data for research purposes and ensures compliance with data use and licensing agreements. The objectives of CEDAR are to:

  • Curate information about the types of archival data resources available on campus.
  • Disseminate information on the available data to faculty and students.
  • Train faculty and fellows in archival data study design and analysis methods.
  • Provide governance for access to existing data sets on campus.
  • Support investigators in developing new studies using archival data.