Bioenergetics Profiling Core

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The primary purpose of the core facility is to support MUSC investigators in the characterization of metabolites and bioenergetics fluxes related to oxidants, intracellular redox, and primary energy metabolism. We are fulfilling these purposes via:

  • Development bioenergetic profiling technologies that can assess continuous, “real-time” changes in bioenergetic metabolism due to perturbations caused via signaling triggered with pharmacological agents and disease states.
  • Provide bioenergetic profiles of cells, tissues, and/or mitochondria following genetic manipulations (CRISPER/Cas9, shRNA, etc.) or drug treatments used to evaluate mechanistic hypotheses.
  • Provide bioenergetic profiles of cells, tissues, spheroids, organoids, vertebrate models (e.g., zebrafish, nematodes, trypanosomes, etc.) and/or mitochondria to query substrate utilization and/or signaling to test hypotheses related to pathobiology.