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Huge spread of U.S. pennies

Copper killer

January 16, 2020

MUSC researchers believe copper could be a hospital’s savior and a bacteria’s worst nightmare.

Dr. Jane Joseph

Gender Gap

January 15, 2020

MUSC researchers have found gender-based differences in response to therapeutic oxytocin in cocaine-addicted individuals with childhood trauma.

Dr. Deepak Nihalani at computer.

Diagnostic Aid

January 14, 2020

InDepth Pharmaceuticals signs agreement with the MUSC Foundation for Research Development to evaluate kidney diagnostic to predict kidney transplant success.

group photo

Transplant Science

December 20, 2019

Four researchers at MUSC have been awarded a patent for their idea of a nanoparticle that delivers anti-rejection drugs directly to an organ pre-transplant.

Smoking Cessation

December 11, 2019

The primary focus of smoking cessation research in the past has always been adults, but a new study in JAMA Pediatrics zeroes in on adolescents.

Dr. Zhi Zhong, Dr. James Chou, and Dr. Sherine Chan of the Medical University of South Carolina

Transplant Innovation

December 06, 2019

MUSC startup receives NIH funding to develop compounds to prevent one of the most common causes of organ rejection after transplant.

Dr. Marvella Ford


December 05, 2019

Hollings researchers have received funding from the NCI to support three new research projects under SC CADRE.

Mass Impact

December 04, 2019

MUSC-based mass violence center tackles surprising issues - including the Flint water crisis.

Dr. Raymond Dubois, noted cancer researcher and dean of the MUSC College of Medicine, in the laboratory.

Colorectal Cancer Finding

November 26, 2019

MUSC researchers report in Gastroenterology that a signaling molecule involved in inflammation promotes colorectal cancer progression.

MUSC Neuroscientist Dr. Peter Kalivas, along with several other colleagues recently secured a 5-year $10 million grant to create the Center for Opioid and Cocaine Addiction.

Opioid Center

November 26, 2019

MUSC researchers are looking at changes in the underlying mechanisms in the brains of opioid abusers in the hopes of one day finding a way to prevent relapse.

Showing 1 – 10 (of 319)