Regional Health Network

By taking part in clinical trials, patients can play an active role in their healthcare and participate in the development of state-of-the-art therapeutics and techniques. When few therapeutics exist for a disease, clinical trials offer a chance to receive potentially life-saving treatments not yet available to the general public. 

For individuals living far from a research site or who have mobility or scheduling constraints, clinical trial participation can be burdensome, expensive, and unfeasible. The expansion of the MUSC Health network to clinical systems in rural areas makes it possible to offer clinical trial opportunities to individuals in these areas. SCTR is working to help expand clinical trials through the MUSC regional health network (RHN), making it more feasible for patients from rural areas to participate.

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MUSC's clinical locations by county across the state of South Carolina

Request to Conduct Research

All investigators who are interested in conducting research at a RHN affiliate institution (regardless of PI location) will submit their requests by completing the RHN Research Application in REDCap.

Conducting Research within the RHN

A new “Request to Conduct Research at the Regional Health Network (RHN) affiliate institutions” form has been developed to gather information about research studies proposing to conduct research at any of the RHNs.  Requests will be vetted by the MUSC Regional Health Network (RHN) Research Expansion Governance Committee based on a feasibility assessment which will include RHN interest, resources and services, patient population, and competing studies. Studies will be chosen that have the highest potential for success and can be supported at the RHNs. 

This committee is composed of MUSC University and RHN research leadership who have partnered to develop a model for conducting and supporting research at the RHN affiliate sites. 


Please contact Royce Sampson or Lauren Card if you have any questions or need any additional information.