NIH Center for Scientific Review takes steps to end racial bias in the peer review process

March 22, 2021
NIH building
NIH Building

On March 1, NIH Director Francis Collins announced NIH’s broad-based initiative, UNITE, to end structural racism and racial inequities in biomedical science. This is a recognition of the need for urgent, sustained effort on many fronts across the research enterprise, including in all parts of the NIH’s extramural processes, to change the culture. While the NIH Institutes and Centers will examine their programmatic priorities and discretionary funding practices, The NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR) is committed to pushing ahead with efforts to protect the peer-review process from the systemic biases that exist in all areas of the scientific community. Read more about CSR’s efforts.

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Wanda Pierce
Associate Director
Office of Research Development

Keywords: Science Communications, NIH Policies