1.  What are the source systems for data in the Research Metrics Dashboard?

Data used for the Research Metrics Dashboard are pulled from Institutional Systems of Record:  Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) awards and proposal database; Grants and Contracts Accounting (GCA) database; Space Allocation Management System (SAMWA) /Colleague databases.

The award data is reconciled to the monthly/annual ORSP report data.  The expenditures are reconciled to the GCA report which excludes construction expenditures.  Note that the GCA uses fiscal (administering) unit for expenditure reporting and ORSP uses PI appointment unit for awards reporting.

2.  How often is the data updated?

Currently, data is updated bi-weekly for awards, monthly for expenditures, and daily for space.  Future plans are to update all data nightly.

3.  Is Veterans Administration expenditures captured in the Dashboard?

VA expenditures are not included as they are not captured in the source system from Grants and Contracts Accounting.

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