Research Dashboard

The MUSC Research Metrics Dashboard was developed to provide Institutional leadership with one-stop, easily displayed summary information on sponsored research awards and expenditures for decision-making, trend analysis, and planning. The Dashboard offers multi-page tab display data for Awards, Expenditures, Space Allocation, and Principal Investigators’ details.  Any major data element can be grouped and summary data displayed.

Long-term functionality will evolve as users become proficient and offer input.  Development of comparative capability for college specific dashboards is underway as well.  In addition, with the implementation of the new COEUS Awards Management System, information on awards will be tracked through its lifecycle to its expenditures more effectively, providing a true relational view of proposals, awards, and expenditures. 

Data Integrity

Data used for the Research Metrics Dashboard are pulled from institutional systems of record: Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP); Grants and Contracts Accounting (GCA); and Space Allocation and Management System (SAMWA)/Colleague databases. 

Basic Reports

  • University wide summary and trend analysis data/graphs 
  • College summary and trend analysis data/graphs
  • Department summary data
  • Division summary data 
  • Principal Investigator data
  • Any major data element can be grouped and summary data displayed, i.e.: GCR Number, Application Type, Fund Source, Fund Use, NIH Agency, NIH Type.


Access is based on role and unit, e.g., college deans have access to all data within their respective college; department chairs access to department specific data, etc.

To request access please email Loretta Lynch-Reichert in the Office of the Associate Provost for Research.

The Research Metrics Dashboard is a collaboration between the Offices of the Vice President for Research and the Office of the Chief Information Officer.