Clinical and Translational Research Action Committee

Reporting to the University Research Council, the function of this standing committee is to identify impediments to conduct of clinical and translational research and provide recommendations regarding solutions and best practices.

Specific responsibilities include:

  1. Receive information and/or complaints describing impediments to any aspect related to the planning and conduct of clinical and translational research.
  2. Organize an approach to defining the issues and determining potential solutions.  This may include internal investigation, solicitation of best practices from other institutions, review of local and federal regulations and federal guidance, among others. 
  3. Prepare recommendations for consideration by the URC and/or Vice President of Research.

The committee is chaired by the Assistant Provost for Research Compliance and Regulatory Affairs and has representation from all colleges and major research interests within the institution.




Committee Members

Chair, Assistant Provost for Research Compliance and Regulatory Affairs: Patrick Flume

College of Medicine: Ed Jauch (investigator)

College of Dentistry: Lynn West (research coordinator)

College of Pharmacy: Aimee McRae (investigator)

College of Nursing: Mohan (Moby) Madisetti (research admin)

College of Health Professions: Debra Siler (research admin)

College of Graduate Studies: Matt Carpenter (investigator)

Investigator representative: Amy-Lee Bredlau (Pediatrics)

Research administrators’ representative: Steve Shapiro (Surgery)

Research staff representative: Claire Tyson

SCTR: Royce Sampson

Hollings Cancer Center: Terri Matson

Legal: David McLean